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A free translation of the Karaniya Metta Sutta from the Kuddhaka Nikaya.

To skillfully cultivate a peaceful heart:

Be sincere, teachable, gentle, and without ambition.

Live simply, frugally, avoid busyness, and don’t create a burden for others.

Be serene, circumspect, unobtrusive.

Don’t cling to friends or family.

Avoid all conduct of which the wise are wary.

Radiate safety and ease, so all beings may be happy, joyous, and free.

May all beings– without exception– frail or firm, subtle or coarse, big and long, short and squat, seen or unseen, far away or close at hand, born or yet to be conceived– may all beings without exception be happy, joyous, and free.

Do not betray or despise one another. Do not let anger and ill will drive you to wish suffering on another.

As instinctively as a mother protects her young, so should you instinctively radiate boundless friendliness to all beings everywhere.

Radiate boundless friendliness to all beings above, below, around, and throughout the whole universe. Unobstructed unbound friendliness– free from all malice and enmity.

Whatever your posture– standing, sitting, lying down– stay awake, be mindful of body and breath, and rest in radiance.

With natural virtue and insight arising, and with greed and craving extinguished, your heart will be liberated from suffering.

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